Our trip to Amsterdam was more of a pit stop, as we only spent two full days here. We tried to squeeze the most out of our time here, and I think we did a good job, unfortunately though this meant I took hardly any photos!

We visited in February, so it was very cold, and still felt lovely and wintery. We travelled around the centre on foot, and I loved walking along the pretty canals.

I love history, and after reading her diary a few years ago, I knew I had to go to the Anne Frank House. We paid to have the introductory program which was just a couple of pounds more, and I found it really educational. Everyone is given an audio guide and you can walk around the museum at your own leisure. It was a truly insightful experience.

Talking of museums, Amsterdam is known for it’s sex museums. I think theres a couple of different ones you can visit, but we went to the Red Light Secrets museum which is a museum about prostitution. Fun!

We really went with the flow on this trip and didn’t plan too much. We did stumble across a glow in the dark mini golf though which was great fun! I also need to mention the best crepe I have ever eaten in my life (big statement!), but just look at it. Anywhere I go I have to find where does the best crepes or pancakes, as they are my favourite thing to eat, and I hit the jackpot here. I have no idea what the place is called (sorry not very helpful), but I have the location imprinted in my brain incase we go back one day.

I really hope I do go back one day, even if it is just for another short trip. If I do get the opportunity to return, I would love to go to the Body Worlds, and also on a boat ride down the canal.

Georgia x


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